Our Services


Mediation Zone© From Digital Route


Utilising the industry leading, superfast MediationZone platform from DigitalRoute, we enable our customers to gear up for their Big Data requirements.

Continuous investment in our skill set means that we are able to take our customers’ Data Modelling concepts and put them into real, tangible, performant and robust systems, whilst utilising the new technologies. For example, NoSQL databases and Google Protocol Buffers.

Over the last few years we have been working in the Telecommunications and Aerospace industries, and we have come to realise that it doesn’t matter what type of data you have. Our experience can help you turn your Big Data into Big Insights.



Creating & Applying Real Time Analytics


Using our core set of skills in managing and processing large data streams, we have started to work in the aerospace field.

It has been demonstrated that our experience in the tele-communications sector, can be successfully applied across industry verticals to solve data management and analysis problems.

It is in this same context that the usage of advanced key-value stores and other no-sql databases has been investigated for integration with MediationZone©



 Future Proof


Smart Solutions takes a Smart approach to the future. Having started Research & Development activities in the management and analysis of potential data streams such as bio-metric data from wearables.

We believe in the Big Insight potential of correctly harnessing the power of Big Data. Our services allow us to fully address the three challenges that make Big Data; Volume, Velocity & Variety. By being ready for the future we are in the perfect position to help you.





Performance Optimisation



New eyes, fresh perspectives

Smart Solutions is staffed with a fantastic cross-section of multi-skilled talent, so we are able to offer our clients a first class Performance Analysis and Optimisation service. Our clear and transparent process has already produced remarkable results in terms of Cost Savings, Scalability, Throughput Processing, Robustness, Visibility and Operational Efficiency for our clients.

Our process includes:

Client Meetings
Face-to-face meetings with key stakeholders, service owners and technical support staff. Our first goal is to understand the major pain points and map the underlying IT ecosystem.

Evidence Gathering
Gleaning information from existing knowledge bases, in-house technical experts and the IT systems in question. The more information we have access to, the better service we will provide.

Applying our expert knowledge to gain insight.

“Quick Wins” will be recommended as early as possible to maximise the return on your investment in our services. Proof of concepts / testing.

Implementation planning / Delivery and Early Life support can be provided if required.

Typically this engagement would last 4 to 6 weeks, depending on complexity.


We specialise in many disciplines,  but here is just a flavour of the areas we cover. Please speak to us if you have specific requirements.

Infrastructure – Networking, Firewalls & Routing, NATing, NAS/SAN disk layouts, Zoning, Cloud-hosting suppliers.

Operating System Analysis – *nix, Microsoft, VMS, AIX; Check Configurations, Patching, Security, Authentication Services, Name Resolution.

Database Analysis – Design and layout for performance, correct utilisation of tooling.

Scripting/Code Analysis – Are you applying best practices within your code for performance applied, removal of redundant coding, correct usage of Service Oriented Architecture.

Data Model Analysis – Is your data model optimised for your requirements?

Read our Case Studies to see how Smart Solutions has helped other business be smarter with their data.