Case Studies


IT Services Case Study: A UK Telecoms Company

computer-programmingOur client, a Telco giant, implemented Oracle BRM but needed to have greater visibility and operational control than the ‘out of the box’ product provided.

Smart Solutions designed and developed an enhanced auditing capability and wrapped it into the client’s scheduling tool.  This enabled our client to identify, alert upon and react quickly to operational issues, whilst being able to highlight throughput levels, monitor SLAs and perform capacity planning activities.



Performance Case Study: An Aerospace Company

case study a imageSmart Solutions was engaged to investigate and make recommendations as our client was experiencing performance issues on both their Production and Development platforms, creating an unsatisfactory Customer Web Experience and a lack of Operational scalability.

A very high level analysis was performed on the very first day and our initial recommendations implemented by the client on day two. A deeper analysis followed and over a six-week period the customer implemented many of our recommendations, including a request to the Cloud Supplier to change their SAN configuration.

The end result was a leaner, faster, more efficient, less expensive and yet more scalable and robust platform.



Performance Case Study: A UK Telecoms Company

imagesWhen Smart Solutions resources were engaged through one of our partners, our client was experiencing major issues in the performance of their Billing System.

The platform in question was a hybrid of In-House Developed applications and COTS products, which weren’t necessarily scalable, robust or performant and the management of which caused huge operational headaches.

Smart Solutions resources worked with the client to improve performance such that the platform became capable of processing 2 days worth of data in just under 3 hours.  Additionally, the platform became much more operationally stable, thereby reducing the effort required to support it.  All of this was achieved with zero code changes.



Performance Case Study: A Middle East Telecoms Company

global-symbox11Our client was suffering major performance issues on their brand new, production billing platform and demanded an immediate and impartial, fresh set of eyes to investigate.

When Smart Solutions resources were engaged, our first task was to identify where key problems resided within their systems.  Once we had achieved this, in just 1 week we were able to recommend and implement the necessary improvements to their Production system which removed their processing bottleneck.



Performance Case Study: A Leading High Street Retailer

Our client had two major challenges, firstly to improve performance and secondly, to reduce Operational costs.

Smart Solutions resources were engaged through a preferred supplier to analyse the existing IT Architecture and make recommendations for improvements. This resulted in a large-scale Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) migration programme, which we helped to deliver in just under 2 months.



MediationZone Case Study: An Aerospace Company

MZ-7Our Leading Aerospace Client embarked upon a strategy to implement a completely new platform for processing and presenting their customer data.

DigitalRoute’s MediationZone was chosen as the software to sit at the core of the operation and Smart Solutions were engaged to help.  A Proof of Concept exercise was performed and subsequently, we went on to assist in the design, development and successful delivery of MediationZone onto their new platform.  Ongoing support activities have included data-modelling, coding, testing and additional software implementation.


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