Energy Insights with Smart Solutions

By Boz Heelan, energy

The UK Government has adopted Smart Metering as part of their plan to update our Energy System and tackle Climate Change and as such, has recommended that every household and small business should have a Smart Meter installed by 2020.

That’s over thirty million Smart Meters!

The Government is urging Energy Suppliers to push this rollout to their customers and currently, this programme has installed Smart Meters in approximately two million premises.

Why is it going so slowly?  

There may be multiple reasons for the slow uptake of Smart Meters in the UK, but we believe the major contributing factors are:

Cost to the Supplier

Lack of standardisation

Customer apathy

So, we’re going to look into it.  

By combining our industry knowledge with our IT Experience, we will analyse, develop and produce an improved solution that attempts to redress the lack of Smart Meter uptake.

Watch this space for further updates….