Arduino Micro Memory Issues

By Sam Proctor, Smart Solutions Research & Development


Well, well, well I did say how much I like doing this stuff. In some respect, when things don’t go quite according to plan it gets a little more interesting, just like the time one of my homemade rockets went wrong…

So the problem here then, we had a circuit which worked each of the sensors checked out. The real problem is shown in the graph below.


Graph of space used with increasing sketch functionality, green line shows the limit for the Arduino Micro.

Each of the sensors was tested in isolation, only the code needed to test the sensor was included in the sketch – it made the testing easy. So when we started to bring all the code together to make one sketch to capture, compute and write data to the SD Card we suddenly ran into a memory issue. There was not enough of it!!

As the graph shows we were able to do most of the basic data logging stuff like calculate attitude and parse GPS data. We were unable however to successfully include the code to open and write to the SD Card, it was close but close does not cut it.
As much as we like the Arduino Micro it simply does not deliver what we need. The upper green line is the max available space as reported by the Arduino IDE.

So let this short article serve as a reference and warning to those that tread this path.

The Arduino Micro will not allow you to capture Attitude, GPS Position and write it to SD Card.

For this project then Smart Solutions R&D are now going to use the Arduino Mega with a beefy 256K of Flash woo hoo !!

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